Face of the devil

When Timur was visiting the town, he called upon the local celebrity, Mulla Nasrudin.

“They say you are a man of much knowledge, a man who is in league with the forces of darkness, that you have strange powers and know the strangest incantations, in fact they say you are in direct correspondence with Satan himself!” “That is what they say!” Nasrudin nodded, much amused. “Tell me then, if you value your life,” roared Timur, a little irritated by Nasrudin’s demeanor, “what does this Devil actually look like?”

“Why certainly Your Majesty,” smiled Nasrudin presenting him with a mirror, “here, take a look for yourself!”


  • Nasrudin shows that the Devil is in us when we are angry. Timur’s anger is where the Devil comes out.
  • Judge not that ye may not also be judged.
  • To teach anyone is correspondence with the Devil.
  • It is all about your disposition: You are/become what you desire.
  • Don’t ask questions unless you want to know the answers.
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