Fishing …

Nasrudin heard that the king sent out a committee incognito, seeking suitable candidates for qazis (judges). Nasrudin took to walking around carrying an old fishing net on his shoulder. When the members of the committee reached his village, it drew their attention and they questioned him about it.

“Oh, I carry this net with me to remind me of my humble past as a poor fisherman,” explained Nasrudin. The committee was impressed, and in due time Nasrudin was nominated as a qazi.

Shortly afterwards those king’s representatives met Nasrudin again and noticed the net was gone.

“Where is the net, Nasrudin?” they asked.

“Well, you don’t need the net after the fish is caught, do you?” replied Nasrudin.


  • Fools remain fools although power is with them.
  • Only Intelligence can win over power.
  • Power is founded on lies.
  • There is no reason to carry on with a deception after it has served its purpose.
  • Don’t set in authority over you those who will lie to achieve such positions.
  • People tend to elect officials for foolish reasons. Image over substance.
  • Wisdom given may not mean what you expect it to mean, and the truth may be unflattering.
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