The Guest of Honor

The dervish Nasrudin entered a formal reception area and seated himself at the foremost elegant chair. The Chief of the Guard approached and said:

“Sir, those places are reserved for guests of honor.”

“Oh, I am more than a mere guest,” replied Nasrudin confidently.

“Oh, so are you a diplomat?”

“Far more than that!”

“Really? So you are a minister, perhaps?”

“No, bigger than that too.”

“Oho! So you must be the King himself, sir,” said the Chief sarcastically.

“Higher than that!”

“What?! Are you higher than the King?! Nobody is higher than the King in this village!”

“Now you have it. I am nobody!” said Nasrudin.


  • What we consider to be high-ranking or important people who we are in awe of are very often no more or even less than the common person, and are very often fools themselves.
  • One should show regard for those of humble means.
  • Even a person of no consequence can be Hodja.
  • Cleverness opens doors.
  • Some words can have more than one meaning. A seemingly slight shift in context can make the base noble.
  • Elevation comes through the abandonment of ego.
  • Healthy society is circular, i.e when you are at the top you are at the bottom. eg.: Government serves leader, leader serves people, people serves government… Conversely linear systems are unhealthy.
  • Beware of the clever tongued, they can twist things mightily
  • Being nobody is the greatest thing in life. When born everyone is nobody till the time parents give name, status etc etc. By every means you can be somebody, but would be very difficult to be nobody.
  • more or less is a individual-relative perception based on the illusion of worth attributed by conditioning.
  • Only by giving up what you are can you become what you must be.
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