Useful Knowledge

A scholar being ferried by Nasrudin across a body of water chided Nasrudin for his ungrammatical language, and hearing he did not learn in school said: “What? half of your life has been wasted!”

Shortly afterwards, Nasrudin asked him: “Did you learn to swim?”

“No, I did not,” replied the scholar.

“Well, in this case it seems all your life has been wasted … we are sinking,” said Nasrudin.


  • Learning from books is only so much learning.
  • Practical wisdom is important too.
  • Interpreting this story is a waste of life.
  • Language is created by man, it is therefore not important to spend time on something that you are already good at doing.
  • Ignorance kills.
  • The intellect is limited and will drown, only he who can swim will make it to land.
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