Wisdom from the Hidden Realms

Two children found a bag containing twelve marbles. They argued over how to divide the toys and finally went to see the Mulla. When asked to settle their disagreement, the Mulla asked whether the children wanted him to divide the marbles as a human would or as Allah would.

The children replied, “We want it to be fair. Divide the marbles as Allah would.”

So, the Mulla counted out the marbles and gave three to one child and nine to the other.


  • What Allah sees as fair and what men see as fair is not necessarily one and the same.
  • Accept what you receive.
  • Do not compare yourself to others in terms of what is fair.
  • Life is not equally fair to everyone. Nor are humans equal to each other.
  • We don’t always understand the bigger picture, so we should accept what life gives us.
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